Rabbi Reuven Mann - Dean, Masoret Institute
The Rambam, whose position on Moshiach is considered authoritative by the Rebbe, clearly lays out the basic criteria by which the Moshiach will be known. He will bring the entire Jewish people back to a faithful observance of Torah, according to the written and oral laws, will fight, successfully, the wars of G-d, will build the Holy Temple in it's place and ingather the exiles of Israel. The Rambam makes it clear that if he fails at any point then, no matter how great a tzadik he may be, he is not the Moshiach. It is impossible for an unbiased and honest person to maintain that the Rebbe fulfilled the conditions listed by the Rambam. Many people approach the sources with a preconceived notion(their belief in the Rebbe as Moshiach is rooted entirely in their own emotions) and they then distort the sources to make them conform to their baseless position. I have seen the dishonest and convoluted reasoning employed by some Lubabvitchers to defend their position. The distortion of Torah sources to defend personal emotional biasses is a grave sin. The facts are: the majority of the Jewish people today do not observe the Torah properly, there is no Jewish king who has vanquished the enemies of G-d, the Temple has not been built and the exiles have not returned.
We must conclude that Moshiach has not yet come and therefore the Rebbe A.H. was not Moshiach. To argue otherwise is a distortion of Torah and a disservice to the memory of the Rebbe.