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Schedule for Sukkos and Shemini Atzeres 2023/5784

Question of Mashiv HaRuach BeYechidus on Shemini Atzeres

Rav Pesach was asked if one who is davening alone on Shemini Atzeres, should start to say Mashiv HaRuach at Mussaf?
Response: "No, we only do it in shul because we announce before hand. Start at Mincha."

Procedure for a Rainy first Night of Sukkos:

If it is raining, make Kiddush in the Sukka without Layshaiv, eat a Kezayis of bread and finish the meal inside.
(Have in mind while washing Netilas Yadayim that you will be changing your Makom during the Seudah
and there is no need to make a new Beracha when you resume inside)
If it is clear from the forecast that it will rain all night then you can rely on that and go to sleep.
If the rain will be intermittent then you must wait up until it stops enough that the drips in the Sukkah would not ruin your food.
Then make a HaMotzi and a Leishev BaSukkah, and eat a little more than a Kebaytza of bread (~2.5 oz or 70 grams).

Lechatchila a person should wait all night to be Mikayem the Gr"a and Rav Moshe Soloveitchick's positions,
but if one can't stay up one can rely on the other Shitos.
If one wakes up and it has stopped raining one must eat in the Sukkah even if one is Mitztaeir to get there.


1) 2 x 1 shake out + 1 shake in
2) 1 x out shake 3 times *
3) 1 x in shake 3 times *
4) 1 x up shake 3 times*
5) 1 down shake 3 times*.
6) 2 x 1 shake up+1 shake down
7) 3 x 1 shakes out + 1 shake in for each of the right, back and left
8) 3 x 1 shake up
9) 3 x 1 shake down